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DISAAR BEAUTY Vitamin E Olive Oil Face Body Neck Scrub Cream Anti-Freckle Scar Mark Removal 300ml/10.58fl.oz

DISAAR BEAUTY Vitamin E Olive Oil Face Body Neck Scrub Cream Anti-Freckle Scar Mark Removal 300ml/10.58fl.oz

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Brand: DISAAR Beauty


  • Body scrub is a great skin care product. It has long been known that in order for the skin to have a well-groomed and healthy appearance, it is necessary to carry out cleaning procedures from time to time. The best care for oily and problematic skin, especially prone to rashes, will create an exfoliating scrub.
  • The natural exfoliating complex penetrates deeply into the pores, removing dead cells, eliminating acne, smoothing the relief of the face. The components of the product give the skin radiance, remove peeling and redness, giving the dermis elasticity, healthy color, smoothness and softness
  • Natural oils moisturize and nourish the skin. The delicate texture of the scrub allows you to apply the product not only for the body, but also for the face.
  • The question that faces every woman who is preparing to demonstrate her body on the beach: how to make sure that the skin does not look dull and tired? Fruits and vitamin D alone are not enough to make the skin shine.
  • Body scrub is a faithful helper when you need to get rid of dead skin cells; it also helps to clean the pores and helps the skin to fully "breathe". But even such a familiar remedy as a scrub has its own rules of application.

Details: What is a scrub for? Let's start with the fact that the scrub is a means for exfoliating and renewing the skin. This happens due to the solid particles of the exfoliate in the composition. In order for the scrub to have a beneficial effect on the skin in several directions, it must contain moisturizing oils and plant extracts. These active ingredients will help the skin to recover after mechanical exfoliation. It will provide the skin of the body not only with hydration, but also contribute to its rejuvenation, since this oil is rich in vitamin E and Omega fatty acids. Body scrubs provide the care your skin needs: - intensively cleanse the skin; - align its relief; - provide softness and radiance; - free from dead cells; - contribute to the active substances of creams and lotions actively penetrate the epidermis. How often can I use a body scrub: Scrubbing is the process of exfoliation, or exfoliation, of dead cells of the upper layer of the epidermis. If you often try to "rejuvenate" your skin, you risk drying it out: without having time to fully recover between exfoliation procedures, it will begin to actively lose moisture, which can give rise to a premature loss of elasticity and tone of the skin of the body. How often to use the scrub depends on your skin type: - For normal skin, one or two times a week will be enough. - Owners of dry and sensitive skin are recommended to use a scrub once every 10-14 days.

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