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AICHUN BEAUTY Insect Repellent Essential Oil After Mosquito Bites Repair Skin 30ml/1.0fl oz

AICHUN BEAUTY Insect Repellent Essential Oil After Mosquito Bites Repair Skin 30ml/1.0fl oz

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  • Insect repellent essential oils: The best part to care for your family and you will love our essential oils, because there is no need to worry about mosquito bites, it is an effective insect repellent essential oil in summer.
  • Aromatherapy essential oil: The best gift for your girlfriend, wife, daughter, granddaughter, friends and colleagues as you want to aromatherapy essential oil in one.
  • Compound essential oil: The compound essential oil can be used on all types of parts in the home. Air humidifier oil: The essential oil is not only a great way to keep your home smelling clean and fresh, but it can also be used as an air humidifier, oil diffuser or aroma diffuser.
  • Aroma essential oil: The best way to keep a safe place for your children, this is essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy and also can be used as an attractive decorative item in your living room or bedroom.
  • Aichun beauty: It is the most effective, environmentally friendly and healthy way to care for your family's skin.
  • The basic info of insect repellent essential oils plant extracts aroma: Choose from the brand of aichun beauty for insect repellent essential oils plant extracts aroma. The number of pieces is one unit. The essential oil type is compound essential oil. Insect repellent essential oils plant extracts aroma is from cn(origin). The ingredient is lavender. The model number is lavender

PartNumber: AC3096

Details: The description of insect repellent essential oils plant extracts aroma: The essential oil diffuser is designed with insect repellent essential oils and can be used for humidification, cooling or adding essential oil. This essential oil diffuser is exquisitely crafted and the best gift to help you enjoy all of your life, it can keep your home clean and fresh from mosquitoes and insect bites. Meanwhile, the essential oil diffuser is made of natural wood material, which can help you relieve the symptoms of illness and pain. It's a great gift for your friends and family, so it'll love the essential oil in summer. You can put your favorite essential oil on the pillowcase, and let it continue to work. It can effectively repel mosquitoes, mites, insects and flowers, and is an effective conditioner for your house or garden to care for the plant. This insect repellent is designed to enhance the efficacy of your home and protect your furniture and your children from biting, staining or damaging. The small hole design of the mosquito box can provide a large amount of aroma for you. The air is fresh, the water is delicate and soft. It's not only a humidifier, but also an aroma diffuser. Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser, can be used in the car to provide you with a fresh and pleasant fragrance. The natural essential oil is blended with botanical oils and herbs, which can be used as a teapot, window or interior. Safe and healthy for kids, it does not contain any toxic substances. It is an ideal gift for family and adult friends. Meanwhile, it can effectively repel and filter the mites or insects, keep them healthy. Meanwhile, it's not only a simple and effective repellent but also an atmosphere light. What's more, this essential oil is a perfect gift for family and friends who are expecting or traveling. It can be added to the liquid food or essential oil, so that the oil can be used continuously for several hours without spraying, and will not stain the clothes

EAN: 6932511222739

Model: AC3096

Item Condition: New

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