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AICHUN BEAUTY Dead Sea Mud Peeling Off Face Mask Blackhead Remover Facial Mask 120ml

AICHUN BEAUTY Dead Sea Mud Peeling Off Face Mask Blackhead Remover Facial Mask 120ml

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Color: Black


  • Uses to remove acne on forehead, nose, chin, blackheads . mask allows deep cleansing;
  • leaving you a fresh, clog-free skin with an ultra-soft touch!
  • This peel-off black mask is easy to apply, with marked effect on clearing pores and impurities on skin surface!
  • To purify skin, It removes old cell tissue, acne, excessive sebum, hence preventing pore blockage by one peel-off action.
  • Include ingredients like rosemary extract— the ability to condition and soothe skin, to keep skin oil balance; moisture-locking ingredient.

PartNumber: AC211044

Details: Product description: Dead sea mud gives the product density and viscosity, along with good plasticity Deep-cleansing mask against blackheads with dead sea mud and charcoal. Deeply cleaned skin. Smooth and sleek skin. Removal of blackheads. The gifts of the Dead Sea. Gentle cleansing without dryness. Natural ingredients for beauty from the bottom point of the Dead Sea. The rich content of rare minerals and microelements. In the mud of the Dead Sea contains in 10 times more minerals than in other sources. Unique and excellent spa treatment is not inferior procedures from beauty salons. Magic of the Dead Sea mud. The secret of beauty of Cleopatra. For millennia in the Dead Sea kept a treasure, which in ancient times enjoyed the incomparable Cleopatra. Nowadays you can enjoy these treasures for your beauty Black mask for blackheads removal. Mild effect. Natural whitening. Highly effective and deep cleansing of pores. Get rid of the "strawberry nose", excess skin sebum and large pores. Deep cleansing. Skin rejuvenation. Moisturizing. Regular use of the Dead Sea mud The Dead Sea mud will make your skin charming and young and remove skin tiredness. The Dead Sea mud is rich in minerals, regulates the acid-alkaline balance, supports the functioning of cells of skin tissue, has a significant effect on the skin. 1. Stage. Softens the top layer of skin, allowing the pores to completely open 2 Stage. Effectively pulls out impurities out of the pores, leaving skin spotless. 3 Stage. Cleans the surface of the skin from excess oil and dirt, to prevent new blackheads. 4 Stage. Moisturizes and slightly whitens skin, gives it softness and smoothness after cleansing.

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Model: AC211044

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