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AICHUN BEAUTY 3Day Slimming Fat Burning Cellulite Weight Lose Massage Cream 150g

AICHUN BEAUTY 3Day Slimming Fat Burning Cellulite Weight Lose Massage Cream 150g

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  • Cream has formulated from natural herbs to enlarge the size of breast, tighten and nourish skin and reduce wrinkles.
  • Most effectiveness to enhance the brest and also nourishing skin.
  • Lonized water. Soya extract. Herbal extract. Propylene glycol. Methyl paraden, alovera.
  • D-panthenol. Vitamin E, propul paraden. Incotinamide.
  • Papaya breast enlarging cream! Gently massage cream into entire breast surface from base to top.

PartNumber: AC215-1

Details: Most users will notice results after only one week. Continuous use for a couple of months can give you the maximum result that doesn't retract much if you stop completely. To maintain the best result it's recommended to use for 3-5 months/year. How it works:- This product works by improving the blood supply , increasing ligaments elasticity and stimulate breast tissue growth naturally. It leads to increase the roundness, firmness and lift your breast with that healthy fullness look. Best results are noticed for people with flat underdeveloped breasts, or with sagging post natal or post menopausal breasts. But everybody will benefit from this product that keeps the young healthy look of your breasts and help to keep its pink color of areola and nipples Ingredients:- Soya Extract , Herbal Extract , Propylene Glycol , Methylparaben , Aloe Vera , D-Panthenol , Vitamin E , Propyl Paraben , Nicotinamide. How to use:- For best results apply at least twice a day as it follows:- 1. Put a warm towel on your breasts for a couple of minutes to increase the blood supply and enhance absorption. 2. Apply a good amount of the cream and massage your breasts in a circular way both clockwise and anticlockwise till your skin absorbs it completely. 3- Avoid washing it away with a shower , a bath or a work-out sweat for at least one hour after application.

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Model: AC215-1

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